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Reminder Services Help Contact Lens Wearers Comply With Replacement Instructions

According to a complimentary online survey, Acuminder ( is helping contact lens wearers comply with instructions on caring for and wearing contact lenses.

Nearly 700 users of the Web site responded to the questionnaire. Ninety-five percent said that the reminder tool helps them remember when to change their lenses, and 66% noted that it has improved their contact lens replacement habits. Since its launch in 2007, nearly 40,000 contact lens wearers have registered for the free service. It automatically sends an e-mail or text message to remind users when to change contact lenses, buy new contact lenses, or schedule an eye examination.

Anika Therapeutics Launches Anikavisc Under New Distribution Agreement

Anika Therapeutics, Inc. (Bedford, MA), announced that Visco Technologies LLC (Kansas City, MO) will serve as the US distributor for Anikavisc, the company's vis- coelastic for cataract surgery. Anika has manufactured premium ophthalmic viscoelastic for Bausch + Lomb (Rochester, NY), STAAR Surgical Company (Monrovia, CA), and Hoya Surgical Optics (Chino Hills, CA).

Anikavisc recently received FDA approval, and Anika has petitioned its regulatory body in Europe for CE Mark approval of the product.

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Keeler Introduces New Desktop Tonometer

Keeler Instruments (Broomall, PA) introduced the Pulsair Desktop tonometer, designed with the same technology as the company's handheld Pulsair intelliPuff tonometer. The Pulsair Desktop's X/Y mechanism reportedly gives the user confidence and control during the alignment process. Its clear user controls and a color video alignment screen with LED illumination are simple to use for both new and experienced users, according to the company. The unit features optical and sensor technology for positional detection and puff-triggering authorization.

Electronic technology evaluates every reading to ensure the tightest range, while software analyzes the readings and eliminates any anomalies from the final displayed results, according to the company. Once sufficiently reliable readings have been taken, an audible signal alerts the user.

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NovaVision Introduces Portable Head Mounted Perimetry Wireless Diagnostic Device

NovaVision (Boca Raton, FL) introduced the Head Mounted Perimetry-a portable, wireless device to aid the professional assessment and early detection of glaucoma, amblyopia, and visual field deficits. The device features an intuitive touch screen user interface, two speed settings, and a diamond-shaped screening grid. According to the company, it uses a suprathreshold three-zone strategy to produce a 60o X 44o field, which generates a report that allows physicians to evaluate whether patients have any suspicious areas requiring further evaluation. Additionally, the devices measure the visual field in increments of 4o as opposed to 6o, which reportedly allows physicians to detect disease states earlier than currently marketed screening tools.

dyssey Medical Debuts Holbrook Practice Punctum

Odyssey Medical, Inc. (Memphis, TN), introduced the Holbrook Practice Punctum-an educational tool designed to allow physicians and their staffs to practice performing hands-on punctal occlusion in a stress-free learning environment. The model can also be used for educating patients, according to a company news release.

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Topcon Releases EyeRoute Synergy at Vision Expo East

Topcon Medical Systems, Inc. (Oakland, NJ), released EyeRoute Synergy at Vision Expo East in New York. EyeRoute Synergy is a comprehensive ophthalmic data management system designed to provide eye care professionals with the ability to collect, store, manage, access, and compare digital ophthalmic data. The system, which is compatible with over 120 different ophthalmic devices, allows users to communicate and share information with colleagues in real time through Topcon's secure Synergy Community Portal. It also automatically registers and aligns fundus images, regardless of procedure or camera manufacturer.

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