Editor’s Page: What's New on EyetubeOD?

By Conni Bergmann Koury, Editor-in-Chief

As 2016 is now well underway, I want to take a moment to thank you for reading and supporting Advanced Ocular Care and EyetubeOD. It is no secret that you are extremely pressed for time (understatement), and as an educational resource, AOC is competing with an ever-growing number of media outlets for your attention.

For these reasons, allow me to direct you to some exciting offerings now available on EyetubeOD. The goal of our ongoing digital series is to provide compelling and useful information in a fresh and efficient way.


Debuting at the end of January, “She Said, She Said” seeks to educate optometrists on ocular surface disease and related issues with a focus on aesthetics. We are proud to welcome Drs. Whitney Hauser and Leslie O’Dell to the EyetubeOD fold as our newest moderators (ok, stars)! We know you will agree that their expertise, chemistry, and insights provide a lively and informative take on topics including the red eye, facial injections, permanent makeup, rosacea, and aging skin. You will not want to miss it.


Do you ever find yourself at a loss when it comes to discussing difficult and often complicated topics with patients? Marc Bloomenstein, OD, has you covered. In this new series, “Challenging Patient Dialogues,” he provides a closer look at the importance of doctor-patient conversations and explores how improved dialogue can enhance education and even improve patients’ outcomes. If you know Marc, you know there is no rule against having fun at the same time!


We are happy to welcome back EyetubeOD veterans Drs. Mile Brujic and David Kading for year 2 of “Clinical Insights.” Their series excels at bringing you quick, clinically relevant, and easily accessible insights on cases you see in your chair every single day. In addition to drawing on their vast experiences in providing timely education, Mile and Dave share great clinical images.


Presented as a point-counterpoint discussion (sports fans, think “Pardon the Interruption”), “No Standard Issue” seeks to help clarify the hard-hitting topics you face for which there are no easy answers. Our chiefs Drs. Andy Morgenstern and Walt Whitley go head to head with their takes on optometric controversies and conventional wisdom. Whose side are you on? Watch and keep score!

Most important to us is that the programs and topics in AOC and on EyetubeOD are meaningful to you and what you do every day in your practice. Please give us your feedback. This is your publication, and we strive to provide the education that is most relevant today and in the future.

Cheers! n

Conni Bergmann Koury