Success With Challenging Patients

Challenging contact lens patient forum: how to succeed with difficult cases.

AOC’s new column, “It’s Not Me, It’s You,” is a forum aimied at helping readers learn how to tackle those difficult contact lens cases you see every day in practice. Here, we will describe different types of challenging patients or situations and ask you to weigh in on how you would treat these patients in your practice and what contact lens recommendations you would make.

The point is, do not allow patients to fail with contact lenses. Treat the ocular surface and choose the best lens modality for your patients to ensure their comfort and success!

How would you manage each of these patient types?

What questions would you ask the patient and why? What tests would you perform and why? What modality of lens would you suggest and why?

Email me at with your answers, images, and any supporting evidence highlighting how you managed your difficult case! Look for your response in this space. Visit EyetubeOD to upload your video and check out our new companion digital series, “Swipe Right for Better Sight,” coming in April.