Welcome Aboard!

By Andrew S. Morgenstern, OD, FAAO

Advanced Ocular Care (AOC) is growing, and with growth comes change. It is with great pride that Walt, I, and the rest of the team welcome new Editor-in-Chief Scott Krzywonos to his seat at the helm of AOC. Scott brings a wealth of knowledge from AOC’s sister publications, Retina Today and New Retina MD. With Scott on board, those publications were taken to new heights. His success was due, in part, to his hard work and his ability to work with clinicians of all backgrounds and consistently develop great content, all of which ultimately delivered an outstanding final product—namely, the journals themselves.

Talk about moving up in the world. Scott is coming from all the way in the back of the eye and, because of the heavy anterior segment content of AOC, moving right up to the front. Now that is what I consider advancement in the ophthalmic industry!

And what a time it is to be a part of AOC. There is so much exciting news, research, and new technology in the world of eye care. The second Dry Eye Workshop (DEWS II) Report is going to hit the ground at the Association for Vision and Research in Ophthalmology (ARVO) meeting this May in Baltimore (see DEWS II: The Sequel to DEWS). According to the website of the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society, which is coordinating the report, “DEWS II will update the definition, classification, and diagnosis of dry eye disease; critically assess the etiology, mechanism, distribution and global impact of this disorder; and address its management and therapy.” Of course, if you tune into our ophthalmic news update, EyewireTV (EyewireToday.com), hosted by Ranna Jaraha, you can instantly hear about everything newsworthy in the ophthalmic industry. This is a great resource for students and residents to learn about all things eye care.

Let’s get back to Scott for a second. Moving from the retina to the ocular surface does have its challenges. Because Scott was formerly a “retina guy,” Walt and I had to explain to him that the cornea is not just the “dust cover” for the retina and that the front of the eye can actually get dry. And just as with dry macular degeneration, this can easily affect the quality of vision.

As is the case with any new Editor-in-Chief, you will likely see changes to our publication—new content, new graphics, and new layouts. One of those features will be quite obvious, starting in this issue, where we get right “to the point.” Both Walt and I think that you will love the changes Scott will be directing and implementing. We certainly do. Quite frankly, we have been blown away by his ideas.

Fair Winds and Following Seas!

AOC would not be where it is today without the tireless efforts of former Editor-in-Chief Conni Koury. Conni was great at her job and was an important member of the Bryn Mawr Communications family. I can honestly say that there was never a conversation with Conni that didn’t put a smile on my face. I believe that she would be proud to know that her wisdom has made so many readers—myself included—more sympathetic to those who have less and those who require more. From the bottom of my heart, I wish Conni all the best in her future endeavors. She helped bring us to where we are today.

Cheers to both Scott and Conni!

Andrew S. Morgenstern, OD, FAAO
Chief Medical Editor