5 Things You May Not Have Known (And Now You Do)

1. Leonardo da Vinci first conceptualized scleral lenses in the 16th century.

“Scleral Lenses: From the Renaissance to the 21st Century”

Melissa Barnett, OD

2. Ultraviolet rays are categorized into three subdivisions based on wavelength.

“Make Patients Aware of UV Risks”

Rachel Grant, OD

3. CTX, an autosomal recessive lipid storage disease, usually manifests as pediatric bilateral cataracts.

“CTX? Never Heard of It”

Mel Friedman, OD

4. Contacts lenses that filter blue-light may be a smart choice for patients—even those who do not spend much time in front of a computer.

“Back-to-School Pearls”

Jaime Falco, OD

5. An injection of botulinum toxin into the lateral brow and glabella may open a patient’s periocular region.

“Intro to Injectables”

Wendy W. Lee, MD