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Diagnosis and Management of Keratoconus and Ectasia

Andrew S. Morgenstern, OD, Walter Whitley, OD, MBA, FAAO

OCT and Fundus Photography

David Geffen, OD

Murray Fingeret, OD, FAAO

Murray Fingeret, OD, FAAO

Steven G. Ferrucci, OD, FAAO

Steven G. Ferrucci, OD, FAAO

Dry Eye Diagnostics

Derek Cunningham, OD, Scott Hauswirth, OD, Walter Whitley, OD

Fundamentals of Gonioscopy Workshop

Nate Lighthizer, OD, Walter Whitley, OD

Keratograph 5M

Derek Cunningham, OD, S. Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO, Walter Whitley, OD

Ocular Manifestations in Autoimmune Disease

Blair Lonsberry, OD, Mile Brujic, OD

Fundamentals of Gonioscopy Workshop

Aaron McNulty, OD, Derek Cunningham, OD

New Technology Innovations

Derek Cunningham, OD, Walter Whitley, OD

Top 10 Diagnoses You Should Never Miss

Michael Cooper, OD, Andrew Morgenstern, OD

Genetic Testing and AMD

Michael Cooper, OD, Steven Ferrucci, OD

Clinical Information: When Retina Meets Vitreous

Michael Cooper, OD, Joseph Pizzimenti, OD

Dry Eye Diagnostics

Michael Cooper, OD

Ocular Response Analyzer

Derek Cunningham OD, Ian Ben Gaddie, OD, FAAO, Walter Whitley, OD, MBA, FAAO

Optical Coherence Tomography

Derek Cunningham OD, Jeffry Gerson, OD, FAAO, Walter Whitley, OD, MBA, FAAO

Tomography for Screening Refractive Patients

James Owen, OD, MBA, FAAO, William Tullo, OD

Corneal Hysteresis

Ian Ben Gaddie, OD, FAAO, Marc Bloomenstein, OD

Foresee PHP Patient Education

Reichert Technologies

How to Refract

Dudley Harris

The Principles of Fluorophotometry

Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society

ETDRS Measurement of Visual Acuity

Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society

Tear Film Breakup Test and Grading Staining

Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society


Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society

Audience Questions

Ike K. Ahmed MD, Richard A. Lewis MD

Setting Up Your TearLab

TearLab Corporation

5 Things You May Not Have Known (And Now You Do)


Orthokeratology for Myopia Control: An Introduction

Sarah Kochik, OD, and Maria Liu, OD, PhD, MPH

Part 1 of a three-part series on the art and science of myopia control. […]

Investing in Better Patient Care

Thomas P. Arnold, OD, FSLS

The Pentacam is an indispensable diagnostic tool that provides the basis for precise and reliable diagnostics and successful treat […]

Artificial Intelligence a Step Closer to the Clinic

Peter A. Karth, MD, MBA, and Ehsan Rahimy, MD

An algorithm detected retinopathy as reliably as a panel of ophthalmologists. What’s next? […]

The Optometrist’s New Role in Keratoconus Management

John D. Gelles, OD

Availability of CXL changes the paradigm for care of US patients with keratoconus or corneal ectasia. […]

The Great Debate in CXL: Epi-on Versus Epi-off

Andrew S. Morgenstern, OD, FAAO, and Clark Y. Chang, OD, MSA, MSc, FAAO

Colleagues debate the merits of epithelium-on and epithelium-off corneal collagen crosslinking. […]

Postchiasmal Visual Field Defects in Multiple Sclerosis

Christine Ma, BSc

To solve vision issues in patients with multiple sclerosis, you may have to look beyond the anterior and posterior segments. […]

Managing Diabetic Retinopathy With OCT Angiography

Jenae Stiles, BS, and Mike Cymbor, OD, FAAO

A case presentation illustrates the potential value of this new imaging modality. […]

Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imaging Facilitates Integrated Eye Care

Brian Kim, MD; Kenneth A. Fukuda, OD; and Karen P. Skvarna, OD

Use of optomap can identify more pathology and support efficient collaboration. […]

OCT Angiography: Could it Change Clinical Practice?

Jay M. Haynie, OD, FAAO

Obtaining angiography using OCT is mechanistically different than traditional dyebased angiography; those differences are signific […]

Early Detection of Systemic Disorders in the Optometric Office

Hashim Ali-Khan, BSOpt, and Fatima Iqbal, OD

Ocular signs frequently precede the classic symptoms and signs of systemic disorders: part 1 of 2. […]

Chief Medical Editor’s Page

Andrew S. Morgenstern, OD, FAAO




Hemianopsia, a Rare Associated Finding With Multiple Sclerosis

Mohammad Rafieetary, OD, FAAO; Jessica Haynes, OD, FAAO; and Kendrick Henderson, MD

A case report demonstrates the importance of critical thinking in eye care. […]

Evolution of MIGS Means Progress in Glaucoma

Steven D. Vold, MD

The introduction of more devices will enhance our ability to individualize glaucoma therapy. […]

Complexities in the Medical Management of Glaucoma

Ben Gaddie, OD, FAAO

A rational approach considering each decision in context provides the best chance of preserving patients’ vision. […]

The Multifactorial and Inflammatory Nature of Dry Eye Disease

Marc Bloomenstein, OD, FAAO

These two properties of DED are important in management and treatment. […]

Myopia Control: Stop the Insanity!

Jeffrey A. Klosterman, OD

Change your practice, change your patients' lives. […]

The Deleterious Effects of Digital Eye Strain

Rochelle Nataloni, Contributing Editor

As dependence on digital devices grows, every patient needs to be told about taking screen breaks. […]

Systematic Approach to Orbital, Sinus Disease

Michael DelGiodice, OD, FAAO

Unmasking unilateral proptosis. […]

Bad Eyes?

Gale S. Pollock, Major General (Ret), CRNA, FACHE, FAAN

Explaining an eye exam to the youngest patients. […]

Concussion in Children: Different From Adults

Jacqueline Theis, OD, FAAO

Diagnosis and collaborative care for pediatric concussion in primary care optometry. […]

Sustained-Release Drug Delivery: The Future of Glaucoma Treatment?

Justin A. Schweitzer, OD, FAAO, and Mitch Ibach, OD, FAAO

Several devices are being investigated. […]

Do We Need Perimetry?

Murray Fingeret, OD

As glaucoma advances, visual field testing provides valuable insight. […]

Visual Fields as Screening Tools

Jeffrey D. Henderer, MD

Problems remain, but this form of testing allows physicians to accurately assess glaucoma’s impact on patients’ vision. […]

The Vicious Cycle of MGD and Glaucoma

Robert J. Noecker, MD, MBA

Meibomian gland dysfunction can have an impact on the effectiveness of glaucoma treatment, and glaucoma therapy can affect the mei […]

ROCK Inhibitors for the Treatment of Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension

Jason Bacharach, MD

An update on the clinical development of a new class of drugs. […]

ECP Offers Multiple Benefits for Glaucoma Management

Steven M. Silverstein, MD, FACS

The endoscope provides views not available through the microscope. […]

MIGS Update

Joel Palko, MD, and Arsham Sheybani, MD

An overview of the growing roster of microinvasive glaucoma surgery procedures. […]

Imaging’s Role in the Diagnosis and Management of Glaucoma

Murray Fingeret, OD

OCT is important for managing patients with mild to moderate glaucoma but its application is more limited in severe disease. […]

Patient-Centered Collaborative Glaucoma Care

Sarah D. Wood, OD, MS, FAAO

Partnership in managing glaucoma can yield highly efficient, high-quality patient care. […]

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A Dry Eye Decision Tree

Jason Schmit, OD

With the DEWS guidelines almost 10 years old, new approaches are needed. […]

Optimize the Ocular Surface

W. Barry Lee, MD

A failure to treat the surface before surgical procedures can slow healing. […]

Debunked: LASIK Myths and Misconceptions

Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD

It is time to re-educate patients and peers on the reality that LASIK really is that good. […]

LASIK Then and Now

Laura Straub, Editor-in-Chief, CRST Europe

The procedure is significantly safer and more effective today than when it was approved by the FDA. […]

What Do Online Searches Tell Us About the LASIK Market?

Conni Bergmann Koury, Editor-in-Chief, AOC

Potential patients search for information differently than in the past. […]

To Bi- or Not To Bifocal for Keratoconus

Joseph Hallak, PhD, OD, FAAO

With special consideration, a bifocal contact lens can work on a keratoconic eye. […]

EyePrintPro: A Game-Changer for Scleral Lens Fitting

Edward L. Boshnick, OD, and Jennifer Vicente, OD

Lenses are generated based on a mold of the patient’s cornea. […]

Ultraviolet Light Protection and the Health of the Human Eye

James W. Vann, OD

UV can have effects on the health of the eye similar to its effects on the skin. […]

Reducing Barriers to Glaucoma Screening

L. Jay Katz, MD; Michael Waisbourd, MD; and Lisa A. Hark, PhD, RD

A community-based project in Philadelphia increased access to care in high-risk populations. […]

Becoming a Believer

Keith A. Walter, MD

Personal experience changed this cataract surgeon’s perspective on phenylephrine and ketorolac injection. […]

Mastering the Art of Collaborative Care in Refractive Surgery

Michael J. Endl, MD

Optometrists should look for every opportunity to educate themselves on the entire process. […]

Adoption Strategies and Patient Selection With Topography-Guided LASIK

Charles R. Moore, MD, and Bennet Chotiner, MD

Detailed knowledge of the technology is key. […]

Latest Innovations in Laser Vision Correction: Diagnostics, Techniques, and Current Market

Steven J. Dell, MD; Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD; Daniel S. Durrie, MD; Steven C. Schallhorn, MD; Edward E. Manche, MD; Julian D. Stevens, MD; and Gustavo E. Tamayo, MD




Clinical Functionality Attached to a Smartphone

Bernard Spier, MD; Kenneth J. Ciuffreda, OD, PhD, FAAO; and Mark Rosenfield, MCOptom, PhD, FAAO

The device is like having a desktop autorefractor at your fingertips. […]

Diabetic Corneal Disease: Manifestations and Management

Malkit (Mona) Singh, MD, MPA and Bala K. Ambati, MP, PhD, MBA

Clinicians should look for dry eye and keratopathy in diabetic patients during routine eye examinations. […]

Now Watch Me Whip; Watch Me Nae Nae

Derek N. Cunningham, OD, Chief Medical Editor