The Ocular Surface Case Series is a quarterly video segment featuring experts in the area of ocular surface disease who discuss recent studies and their clinical experience. Christopher E. Starr, MD, FACS, of Weill Cornell Medical College in New York moderates this series and shares his pearls for treating the ocular surface.


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Technology Aids in Identifying Plaquenil Toxicity

by Bradley Sutton, OD, Derek Cunningham, OD, Walter Whitley, OD

Derek Cunningham, OD, of Laser Eye Consultants in Austin, Texas, and Walter Whitley, OD, of Virginia Eye Consultants in Norfolk, Virginia, discuss how technology has changed evaluation of patients who have been treated with plaquenil. They address the importance of the patient's workup and explain how using technology helps with the practitioner's understanding the eye's structures. Brad Sutton, OD, of the Indianapolis Eye Care Center, describes how the technology for monitoring plaquenil patients has evolved.