61-year-old patient whose refraction is:
OD –2.00 D x 180, OS –3.00 D –2.50 x 180

The K readings are:
OD 44.00/46.00 x 90, OS 44.00/47.00 x 90

What is the most important source of astigmatism to determine if a patient is a candidate for a toric IOL?


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Episode 7: Preparing Astigmatic Patients for Cataract Surgery

by Michael Cooper, OD, Walter Whitley, OD

Michael Cooper, OD, of the Windham Eye Group, discusses managing the astigmatic patient prior to cataract surgery with Walt Whitley, OD, of Virginia Eye Consultants. Dr. Whitley talks about the prevalence of astigmatism and the importance of addressing the condition so that it can potentially be corrected at the time of surgery.