271 EyetubeOD - Appropriate Usage of Doxycycline

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Appropriate Usage of Doxycycline

In systemic medicine, doxycycline is the one of the most used antibiotics on a long-term basis, but there may be instances where this oral medication is not ideal. Derek says the therapy is used aggressively with ocular surface diseases, and although there are some light side effects, it is one of the most tolerated medications for patients. Walt explains that while he uses doxycycline frequently for OSD, he avoids the medication for infectious conditions such as cellulitis.

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Excellent Discussion. I have used doxycycline for years because of it's anti-inflammatory and anti-matrix metalloproteinase activities. One cautionary tale, however rare, is attached to an email coming back to Conni. Larry Alexander, OD FAAO

DRLJALEX (27 months ago)