322 EyetubeOD - Do all ODs need an OCT in their practice?

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Do all ODs need an OCT in their practice?

by Derek Cunningham, OD, Walter Whitley, OD, MBA, FAAO

There is no questioning the importance of optical coherence tomography in identifying and tracking disease, especially in terms of retina conditions. Proper use of the device is more important than its being in "every" office. ODs who see a large volume of patients, however, should consider the investment.

Comments (2)

Actually the are closer to 40K and will definitely improve the delivery of eyecare in all practices. You have to scan 20-24 patients per month, or about 5-6 a week to make the payments. Besides the economics of the situation, unless you are using a fundus lens on dilated pupils of everyone who walks in the door, you are potentially missing a lot of disease, especially in the population over 55. Is it important to restrict this to "large volume practices" or to all practices that want to do a better job? Remember that machines can refract quite well, even online. But most importantly, especially nearing retirement, it will revitalize your clinical intellect and make your practice more marketable in this changing environment. You will have to do some good old fashioned learnin with this technology. Larry J Alexander, OD FAAO

DRLJALEX (29 months ago)

strongly agree- at 50K, these units are too expensive, especially for a solo OD nearing retirement. As Derek states, get them to even 25K and I will buy one tomorrow.

jack (29 months ago)