-67 EyetubeOD - Management of Increasing Myopia

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Management of Increasing Myopia

by Andrew Morgenstern, OD, Conni Koury, Editor in Chief, Walter Whitley, OD

Myopia is a disorder that currently affects an estimated 25% of Americans. Is there any way to prevent myopia from happening in the first place? Andy Morgenstern, OD, explains what optometrists can do to prevent the prevalence of myopia from increasing. Walt Whitley, OD, explains the limitations and difficulty that physicians face when treating this problem.

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You are both wrong. The "myopia epidemic" is due to the image fixation problem inherent in the Snellen test and other static image optotypes. With a strobic stimulus such as the Dyop test (short for dynamic optotype) the refraction endpoint is about 0.25 diopters to 0.50 diopters underminused from the Snellen test. The result is the elimination of visual stress, a more consistent refraction, and elimination of "computer vision syndrome" which is actually caused by the inherent Snellen overminus. The FREE Dyop test is online at: http://www.dyop.info/documents/DyopAcuity.html with documentation at: http://www.dyop.info/documents/2015_ARVO_Poster-TEXT.pdf and a prototype refraction procedure at: http://www.dyop.info/documents/Dyop_Refraction_Procedure.pdf By the way, much of the Asian "myopia epidemic" is a severe case of chromatic dyslexia due to the gene pool's higher percentage of red (L) photoreceptors. That L/M ratio can be validated by the FREE Dyop color screening test at: http://www.dyop.info/documents/ColorScreening.html

United States (16 months ago)