283 EyetubeOD - Integrated Care and the Important Role of ODs

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Integrated Care and the Important Role of ODs

A recent lecture at the American Academy of Optometry Meeting outlined several examples of cancer that was first identified by optometrists. How can ODs embrace the role of being primary eye care providers for their patients? Derek and Walt say integrated, collaborative care can only benefit patients, but the idea needs to be embraced as a routine part of education in the industry.

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Nicely done....But We can talk the talk and have for quite a while now. Hopefully something like the Affordable Care Act and associated mandates will force us to Walk the Walk. I do however applaud all for again bringing this to the fore front. It is all about communication, picking up the phone, writing the letters. Another important link in the care chain is pharmacy. Our pharmacists are extremely critical in all health care and what with the increase in the number and complexity of pharmaceuticals, we really need to call them more often. Drug actions and interactions have a tremendous impact on what we do Larry J Alexander, OD FAAO

DRLJALEX (28 months ago)