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Narcotics in The Practice

by Derek Cunningham, OD, Walter Whitley, OD

Narcotics, although not used often in eye care practice, are an important tool that can be used to alleviate patient’s suffering. When is prescribing narcotics for patients justified?

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thought some feedback on medical marijuana as glaucoma drug would be considered given marijuana was the first " natural " glaucoma meds.... Way back when Commercial pharmaceuticals did not control our world... certainly in Caribbean where costs availability and side effects lead to poor compliance maybe we do need to look at jamaica who has long take route of using it as glaucoma meds in " cannasol" but its effctvetiuvt needs some intl revew also with marjuan legkation now chgaing gobally( usa espcaiily) it may mean door no open to rescah its medical use evn more as it si dfetley more accessible. affoardbel and viable for developing cpunty use.. with poosible less side effctes than " imported" foreign pharmaceutical

petrabridgemohan (31 months ago)