318 EyetubeOD - No Doctor Needed: Online Exams

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No Doctor Needed: Online Exams

by Derek Cunningham, OD, Walter Whitley, OD, MBA, FAAO

Consumers demand convenience and want the ease of ordering everything they need online. Do eye exams offered in this manner provide a real service to patients or are they misleading and potentially dangerous?

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I love this discussion. The belief that we can negatively influence the march of technology is absurd. Sorry Walt, I love your passion, but Derek is right. We need to figure out how to embrace this and move into the reality of the situation. I could post a significant argument regarding any eyecare professional's pursuit of the total eye health care issue, but that would serve no purpose. I would bet that like this "old man" you two both do most of your consumer-investigation and spending on line. Telemedicine is real. Tele refraction is real. We all screwed up by not identifying an eye exam. To the public, an eye exam is a refraction and the result of an eye exam is a product. Perception is Reality. Major PR blunder by all eyecare providers. Larry J Alexander, OD FAAO

DRLJALEX (29 months ago)