152 EyetubeOD - The Collaborative Care Model

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The Collaborative Care Model

by Andrew Morgenstern, OD, Walter Whitley, OD

Ensuring collaboration among all of a patient’s health care providers has many advantages, such as seamless treatment, referrals for specialists, and an increase in early intervention of chronic health problems. Most physicians agree that this is an effective model, but it takes dedication to implement. Andy says there is an inevitable change in how practitioners operate and that working with other health care providers is the best way to offer efficient treatment for patients. Walt says that collaborative care is not a new idea but is increasingly important due to a shortage of physicians. He adds that this model is not just about outcomes, but improving patients’ overall experience.

Comments (3)

Hi guys! Andy here. So this is a great point. Patient experience is very much part of the collaborative care process. While not one of us can control traffic and distance traveled, I find that many patients will make the extra effort to see the doctor that they know is going to care for them the best. I think that the two offices need to be very much on the same page in terms of information and communication that they provide the patient. There is nothing more disconcerting to a patient when they get opposite information from the two practices they are using for collaborative care. At the end of the day patients are coming to you to be treated. Treat your patients like you want your own mother cared for. Communicate as much as possible with your collaborative care doctors and give the patient the information that is consistent from practice to practice. So for your So. Fla. patients, tell them to roll the top down, sit back and enjoy the sun (with at least 30 SPF and UV protective polarized sunglasses on) and spend a little extra time to get the best care for their eyes they possibly can. I'm sure you are worth the wait! Thanks!

Andrew (23 months ago)

Andy, Walt - nice segment. You point out a number of critical items that are important in ethical collaborative Care between practitioners. In South Florida, the issue is not a shortage of physicians, but rather the challenges with travel, since there are traffic issues, etc. And the key is improving the patients experience. I look forward to comments from others

WTRATTLER (23 months ago)

Excellent topic and discussion!

tbogetti (23 months ago)