Diagnostics and Imaging / Cornea

CS4 - Confocal Microscope

Nidek introduces the ConfoScan 4, a Confocal Digital Microscope which images all the layers of the cornea automatically. The Confoscan4 is a scanning slit microscope that allows one to see all the corneal layers in vivo. At 25 frames per second, the Confoscan4 images quickly, even through poor media. This delivers a series of images, like an optical biopsy, that includes the Superficial Epithelium, Intermediate Epithelial Cells, Basal Epithelial Cells, Nerve Plexus, Stroma, and Endothelium. For cornea specialists, the ConfoScan4 follows a wide variety of pathologies, allowing for specific treatment to begin immediately. This includes Keratoconus, Stromal Rejection, Guttae, Sands of the Sahara, Fuchs'endothelial dystrophy, Activated KC, and Haze. This can also show Fungal Hyphae and Acanthamoeba without having to take painful cultures from the patient, allowing for treatment to begin immediately.